June 6, 2018

February 20, 2018

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5 Ways to a Clutter Free Kids' Room

Okay, just in the title alone I'm sure you are rolling your eyes at me in a major way.  But I SWEAR it IS possible Mama!  


Today we take on the biggest cave in your home, your kid's room, in our 5 ways in 5 Days organization Challenge. 5 different ways to pick up the toys, get rid of those dirty socks, and set the example of how Mama runs the roost!  


Getting your kids involved in cleaning their rooms can be tough, getting them to take responsibility can be even tougher- but I swear it is possible.  Even something as simple as adding a garbage can to their room can show them that THIS is where we discard things we dont want anymore, not all over the floor. 


So save the pic below to your phone for a virtual copy, or grab a printable version here and lets get started!


>>Dont forget- if you subscribe at the bottom of this page, you'll get your checklists sent directly to your inbox for the next 2 days of the challenge! BAM! EASY!<<


And you're welcome to pop over to www.facebook.com/totesaddicted and check out the tips I'll be sharing later turn cleaning in to a fun game for your kids!  


Ready, Set, PURGE! 


Share your results with me on social #hotmesswithgrace and view yesterday's challenge here.





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