June 6, 2018

February 20, 2018

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The Secret to Amazing Corned Beef

March 19, 2018

 Every year I get asked "How do you get your corned beef so tender?"  And the truth is, it's really easy.  

I'm not even sure where I got the idea in the first place actually, but I tried it one year- and the report back was that it was the BEST corned beef that my Grandfather has ever had (and that's saying something since HIS mother was straight out of Ireland- and till that date had held the record for the best corned beef).


My corned beef is really easy to make.  As a Mom on the go, I dont have time to mess with stuff.  So glad your slower cooker and get ready for the best St Patricks Day meal! 


Here's what you'll need:


  • Corned Beef Brisket (with the seasoning packet- double check! I got one yesterday without one! eek!)

  • White Potatoes- I use Idaho or Russet

  • Carrots

  • Cabbage

  • 1 Guiness Extra Stout

Step 1:

Peel & quarter your potatoes.

Then layer the potatoes on the bottom of the slow cooker.



Step 2:

Add the carrots to the bottom of the slow cooker too.



Step 3:

*This is the MAGIC step*

Add an entire bottle of Guiness Extra Stout. 

I dont know what it is about Guiness- but it keeps everything moist and adds great flavor! 


The beer should cover the potatoes and carrots mostly- but not all the way... we want some protruding over the top to make a sort of platform for our meat.


Step 4: 

Rinse the corned beef in water, pat it dry, and rub the seasoning on to it. (The meat side, not the fat side)

Place the corned beef over the potatoes and carrots with the fat side down. It shouldn't be touching the Guiness, but floating over it on a bed of potatoes and carrots. 



Step 5:

Halve your cabbage and place on top of the beef. (You might have to quarter it if the lid wont fit over your slow cooker)



Step 6:

Set it and forget it! 

I usually do 8 hrs on low- but when I need it done fast (yesterday was for a party) I do it on High for 4 hrs. 



It's great because the way I layer it, the potatoes and carrots cook in the bottom, while the beef and cabbage get steamed. Neither gets overcooked, and when you are ready to pull it out- everything is tender and juicy! 


VOILA! Happy St Patricks Day! 



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